jueves, 22 de junio de 2017


¡Buenos días!, os envío las respuestas de las últimas páginas que hemos estado haciendo:
Contesta a las siguientes preguntas, antes traduce:

- What´s your name?- MY NAME IS OLGA
- What´s your surname?- MY SURNAME IS PENA.
- How do you spell your surname?- G-O-N-Z-A-L-E-Z
- Where do you live?- I LIVE IN AS PONTES
- What´s your telephone number?-MY NAME TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 651864221
- What day is it today?- IT IS SUNDAY
- What´s the time?- IT´S A QUARTER TO SIX
- Have you got blue eyes?YES, I HAVE
- Do you like pizza?- YES, I DO/ YES, I LIKE PIZZA
- Can you speak French?- NO, I CAN´T
- Do you study english?-YES, I DO
- Are you tired?- NO, I AM NOT
- Can you dance?-YES, I CAN
-Can you sing? YES, I CAN
- Should you study English? YES, I SHOULD
- Is this a book? YES, IT IS/ YES, THIS IS
- Did you like onions? NO, I DIDN´T 
- Did she read books in the past?- YES, SHE DID
- Are you a nice person?- YES, I AM
- Have you got a red book?- YES, I HAVE
- Does he like pizza in that bar?YES, HE DOES
- Should you play games?YES, I SHOULD

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