jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

Thanks for everything

Y otro año más se han terminado el curso de inglés. Sólo puedo daros las gracias por todo.
Espero que os guste la canción que he elegido para poner de broche final de este maravilloso curso:

jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

Texto en negativa

I am not Mandy. I am not good girl and I am not only fifteen. I don´t live with my big family in a house next to the river. We are not very happy together. Everyday we don´t play in the water and we like it.
I don´t study at home because our school is very far away. I don´t use the internet, buy my mother is not my teacher. She can not explain me all the subjects. She is not  very intelligent. My dad doesn´t work in a factory 20 kilometres far from home but he doesn´t  always come to play with us. We are not  a happy happy family.

Negativas e Interrogativas

Escribe en negativa e interrogativa:
- My friend plays computer games in the street.
(N) My friend doesn´t play computer games in the street.
(I)  Does my friend play computer games in the street?
- We can drive a red bus.
(N) We can´t drive a red bus.
(I) Can We drive a red bus?
- She wanted to study English.
(N) She didn´t want to study English.
(I) Did she want to study English?
- I am very sad today.
(N) I am not very sad today.
(I) Am I very sad today?
-  She is a bad teacher.
(N) She is not a bad teacher.
(I) Is she a bad teacher?
- My sister danced an old song in the concert.
(N) My sister didn´t dance an old song in the concert.
(I) Did my sister dance an old song in the concert?
- I have got a very big flat.
(N) I haven´t got a very big flat 
(I) Have I got a very big flat?


¡Buenos días!, os envío las respuestas de las últimas páginas que hemos estado haciendo:
Contesta a las siguientes preguntas, antes traduce:

- What´s your name?- MY NAME IS OLGA
- What´s your surname?- MY SURNAME IS PENA.
- How do you spell your surname?- G-O-N-Z-A-L-E-Z
- Where do you live?- I LIVE IN AS PONTES
- What´s your telephone number?-MY NAME TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 651864221
- What day is it today?- IT IS SUNDAY
- What´s the time?- IT´S A QUARTER TO SIX
- Have you got blue eyes?YES, I HAVE
- Do you like pizza?- YES, I DO/ YES, I LIKE PIZZA
- Can you speak French?- NO, I CAN´T
- Do you study english?-YES, I DO
- Are you tired?- NO, I AM NOT
- Can you dance?-YES, I CAN
-Can you sing? YES, I CAN
- Should you study English? YES, I SHOULD
- Is this a book? YES, IT IS/ YES, THIS IS
- Did you like onions? NO, I DIDN´T 
- Did she read books in the past?- YES, SHE DID
- Are you a nice person?- YES, I AM
- Have you got a red book?- YES, I HAVE
- Does he like pizza in that bar?YES, HE DOES
- Should you play games?YES, I SHOULD